Documents Required for Organizations

What documents are required from Organization to buy Class-3 Digital Signature for Organizations?

All the documents mentioned are an abstract from the Identity Verification Guidelines laid by the Controller of Certifying Authorities / Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. For complete details, please refer the government link.
  • Organization Authorised Signatory

    1. Scanned copy of Organization Authorization Letter
    2. Scanned copy of Organization ID Proof of Authorised Signatory
    3. Scanned copy of Authorised Signatory PAN or Aadhar
    4. Applicant photo should be image (.jpeg, .png, .jpg) upto 30KB allowed (200px X 150px)
    5. (Note: The authorization by the resolution of board of directors for the authorized representative to forward / certify the application form for DSC)

  • Organization Employee

    1. Organization Identification
    2. Authorisation Letter

  • Documents for Organization with GST

    1. The proof of organizational GST verification(Filing copy or Bank statement)

  • Documents for Organization without GST

    1. Original Bank Statement with transactions less than 3 months, signed by the Bank. Bank Statement should be in the “organization name”.
    2. Copy of Organization Incorporation Certificate
    3. Copy of Organization PAN Card

  • Foreign Organization

    1. Foreign Government issued ID Proof/Organizational ID Proof
    2. Certificate of Incorporation/Company's Registration Certificate (as an entity proof)*
    3. Authorisation letter from Organization with Authorised Signatory Id Proof
    4. (A) Organizational existence, publicly verifiable and listed/recognized by local government reference of organization in database/registry should be provided
      (B) List of directors/Any organization documents that contain applicant or authorised person's name
    5. Passport size Photo of the applicant in JPG / PNG format

GSTIN on Invoice

  • To include organization's GSTIN on invoice, applicant needs to provide GST details of organization
  • Kindly email us a copy of GST certificate before DSC approval

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